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Passion and tradition

Caffè Centrale Venezia is located in Palazzo Cocco Molin, an old Venetian residence built in 1500, in the middle of the historic centre.

A minute away from Piazza San Marco, Caffè Centrale offers seductive atmospheres, pleasent feelings and a touch of glamour.


In a building built in the late ‘500, Palazzo Cocco Molin, Caffè Centrale was born in one of the seven cinemas of the old Venice. The spaces have been finely renovated in a contemporary style, highlighting the ancient remnants of the historic environment.
Traditional venetian cuisine, revised in an international key, open until late at night, from 19.00 to 01.00.
We love to accompany your aperitif or dinner with our musical selection to create a romantic and lovely atmosphere. Private port for taxis and gondolas.

The Restaurant

The Caffè Centrale Restaurant has a very modern structure, it’s all made of iron and glass, embellished by the delicate lights of its candles, marrying in a curious perfection with so many historical elements. First of all is the location, the beautiful sixteenth century palace Cocco Molin, an ancient Venetian family. But that’s not all: in addition to the exposed walls, among the most interesting historical elements of the restaurant is the very romantic water door, that you can access wth a boat to enter the restaurant hall directly!

Our menu

The Caffè Centrale Restaurant is both atypical in its structure and in the kitchen, which doesn’t follow the classic Venetian style. The menu is very large and ranges from fish to meat, from cooked to uncooked, and it’s totally artisanal (we have our own production of ice creams and fruit juices as well).

Timeless Date

Aware of the fact that Venice has always been one of the favorite destinations to celebrate anniversaries, engagements and weddings, Francesca and her team studied the “Timeless Date”, a special bundle to celebrate love and create a vivid and timeless memory of that wonderful evening.How does the “Timeless Date” work? The staff Restaurant collects infor about the couple, the song, the color, the favorite flower, up to the photo symbol (which will then be placed on the table), and set up this “unforgettable date” in the two tables facing the canal, chosen specifically because they’re the most romantic and evocative. The “Timeless Date” is so loved that many customers, even after years, return to the Caffè Centrale to sit at the same table and recreate the same timeless emotions. For more info contact us

Where We Are

San Marco, Piscina de Frezzaria N°1659/B
30124 - Venezia

Main Entrance:Piscina de Frezzaria n. 1659


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Contact Us

Dear customers,

It is with great sadness that we inform you that we have been forced to close our Caffè Centrale restaurant. A unique restaurant that we have loved very much and that in recent years, also thanks to you and your experiences, has been able to improve itself and transmit serenity, romance and good food. We thank you again for sharing your best moments with us.