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Private Parties

It’s time to celebrate!
Whatever the occasion, you can rely on our experience to create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests: from the invitation, the preparation of the room, the customisable menus, the mise en place, and the musical entertainment.
You can count on us and relax, you’ll be the stars of your party!

Business Dinner

The location and the structure of the restaurant make the Caffè Centrale the perfect place for business dinners, the service is very well directed and the cuisine is high quality, two of the factors that make the restaurant the ideal place to organize events.


The day of your marriage is always thought as the best day of your life, and it’s often imagined in a place of the heart, which will be imprinted in memories forever. Venice is the symbol of romanticism and love for excellence, the ideal place to host your wedding, framing the most beautiful day of your love story, with exciting artistic landscapes and breathtaking landscapes.
Trust us and enjoy your most beautiful day in the city of love.

Dinner Gala

The dinner gala is the perfect solution to welcome your guests with the elegance and courtesy they deserve. Thanks to our experience and professionalism we will create an exclusive event that reflects your values and wishes. For us, understanding the needs of the customer is the top priority, learn how he envisions the event, what are the key elements, tastes and desires of the company or institution that assigns us the service.

Timeless Date

Aware of the fact that Venice has always been one of the favorite destinations to celebrate anniversaries, engagements and weddings, Francesca and her team studied the “Timeless Date”, a special bundle to celebrate love and create a vivid and timeless memory of that wonderful evening. How does the “Timeless Date” work? The management of the Restaurant collects informations about the couple, the song, the color, the favorite flower, up to the photo symbol (which will then be placed on the table), and set up this “unforgettable appointment” in the two tables facing the canal, chosen specifically because they’re the most romantic and evocative. The “Timeless Date” is so loved that many customers, even after years, return to the Caffè Centrale to sit at the same table and recreate the same timeless emotions.

Where We Are

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